15 Meals Every Person Needs in Their Cooking Arsenal to Make the Best Homemade Meals

Chili. Everyone should know how to make a nice bowl of chili. There are different versions, but the most well-known one is the three-bean version.

Classic pasta. Simple spaghetti bolognaise or pasta with tomato sauce or an alfredo sauce.

Casserole. There are many types of casseroles. Chicken enchilada, beef versions, and vegetarian versions are all good options.

Chicken or fish. A basic chicken or fish with a lemon dish. Any type of side works well with this.

Savory stir fry. Stir fry is quite versatile and you can use almost any vegetables or meats. Throw together in a pan and add sauce and spices.

Soup. Cooking your own soup is great for winter time. Throw all your ingredients in a slow cooker and let it simmer.

Fish fillet. A light and correctly cooked fish fillet with balsamic vinegar. Salmon works well.

Fried rice. Homemade fried rice with vegetables is much better than any you can buy.

Homemade pizza. Making pizza from scratch with homemade dough and your own choice of base sauce and toppings.

Steak. Perfectly seared or grilled steak. A steak dinner is something everyone loves.

Salad. The basic garden salad or any other version that your family likes. Add chicken, tuna, pineapple, grapes, etc.

Homemade burger. Whether you just build your own from already made ingredients or make your own beef patties, a good homemade burger is the best.

Homemade bread. Nothing beats nice warm and freshly baked bread. Add some butter and jam and you will be in heaven.

Macaroni and cheese. Many different recipes for homemade and easy to make. Pasta, cream, cheese, and more cheese.

Bacon and eggs. A nice omelet or scrambled eggs is a must. Bacon goes without saying. Add some toast and you have a hearty and good tasting breakfast.

If you have these meals in your arsenal, you will never be at a loss. Homemade meals are much better than any take-aways.

Savannah Boyd

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