Ravioli Oli – The Best Ravioli in the Chicago Area – CLOSED

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ravioli oli

Ravioli from Ravioli Oli, 2050 York Road, Oak Brook

Update: Sadly, Ravioli Oli has closed its doors permanently.

Seldom do I ever write about or endorse any kind of Italian restaurant – especially boring pasta dishes. Lets face it, Italian food is generally a very boring cuisine that is terribly overpriced and heavily saturated with pastas. There has been a lot of buzz around the office recently about a new ravioli place that just opened up near the office, so I thought I would give it a try. Ravioli Oli in Oak Brook is the exception to all my stereotypes of Italian food. The big thing that sets this place apart from the rest is the fact that all the raviolis and sauces are made fresh the same day you order them rather than frozen premade noodles with a thick, canned sauce. Instead of the usual $20 you would spend at a fancy Italian restaurant, these are only $7 for a plate of six with a couple slices of bread. The food is also usually served within 5 minutes upon ordering.

Ravioli Oli’s ravioli is nothing like your usual thick, pasty noodle. They use a very thin, homemade noodle and smother it in a variety of homemade sauces. They also have an assortment if different fillings and sauces to choose from. For fillings, they have meat, cheese, spinach and artichoke, butternut squash, roasted vegetable, and portabello mushroom. For sauces, they have a classic meat sauce, marinara, pesto, brown butter, vodka, and alfredo sauce. The use of fresh herbs in each sauce really brings out the flavor in each combination. The owner and staff are also very friendly, and always interested to hear how much you enjoyed their food. For a quick lunch or dinner, this place is perfect for a quick Italian meal. This place blows nearby Maggiano’s out of the water when it comes to price, service, quality, and taste. In fact, forget Maggiano’s altogether and go to Ravioli Oli’s.

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