Chef Earl’s Serving Size Dips Product Review

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Good Foods is a food manufacturer located in Chicago. They recently asked me to review some of their serving size dips from the Chef Earl’s product line. I normally condemn pre-made processed foods, but I was pleasantly surprised with everything on the Chef Earl product line. Everything tasted exactly like it was freshly made. Unlike most food processors, Good Foods uses high pressure processing, which is an energy saving process that uses cold water pressure to pasteurize fresh foods. And the result? Delicious, healthy and safe. Everything was all natural, no artificial flavors, preservative free, non-genetically modified, and very fresh tasting.

hot giardiniera hummusThe hot giardiniera hummus was my favorite. Nothing spells out Chicago like foods with hot giardiniera in them – a Chicago favorite. I love hummus and hot giardiniera, but I never would have thought of mixing them together. The hummus alone was one of the better hummus’ I have ever had, which is shocking considering it is pre-made and processed. Adding in the giardiniera gave it a really nice kick of spice, and a delightful enhancement to the flavor.

mild salsaI found the mild salsa to be quite interesting. Usually when you buy processed salsa from a store, it tastes like tomato paste with saute’d onion. Chef Earl’s salsa tastes very close to what you would get with a basket of complimentary tortilla chips from any Mexican restaurant in the suburbs (but not the city). For being a store-bought salsa, this one gets an A+ in my book. That’s saying a lot coming from someone who absolutely refuses to eat anything but homemade salsa.

chef earls guacamoleThe guacamole was another A+ in my book. I made my own homemade guacamole and compared it to Chef Earl’s chunky guacamole, and I have to admit… almost ashamed to admit… there was very little difference in taste. Their guacamole tastes exactly like a fresh, homemade guac. I applaud Good Foods for bringing in processed foods that actually do taste good. You won’t find very many food manufacturers like it.




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