Heaven on Seven – Chicago’s Best Cajun Restaurant

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wall of hot sauce

Wall of Hot Sauces at Heaven on Seven

Cajun food is the most flavorful cuisine in America. Heaven on Seven in Chicago and Naperville has the best cajun food in all of Chicagoland. Heaven on Seven is owned and operated by Chef Jimmy Bannos – a Chicago chef that spent a substantial amount of time learning from the best cajun cooks in New Orleans. With a passion for French-Southern cooking, he began opening up restaurants around the Chicago area to bring a taste of the South to the North. His restaurants closely resemble that of a contemporary Cajun kitchen in Louisiana. Mardi Gras-style decorations adorn the ceilings and walls including beads, masks, and other party favors. A wall of hot sauce bottles encompass each location of his restaurants. Jimmy is a pioneer in Chicago by being one of the first to open up Cajun restaurants in the area.

gumbo heaven on seven

A bowl of gumbo at Heaven on Seven

Once you are seated, make sure you order yourself an Abita beer or a Hurricane mixed drink. Most entrees are served with a complimentary bowl of gumbo made from a brown roux base. The soup is served over a mountain of rice with andouille sausage and a hefty serving of pork or chicken. For you gumbo connoisseurs, you won’t find a better gumbo in the area. This iconic soup makes the perfect starter for any main course – especially when served with a piece of cheese and jalapeno corn bread.

jambalaya heaven on seven

Jambalaya from Heaven on Seven

Heaven on Seven has both traditional Cajun and Creole dishes including jambalaya, red beans and rice, etouffee, and po’ boys while also serving the more exotic dishes like crawfish ravigote and shrimp voodoo. Chef Bannos combines a perfect blend of cayenne pepper, roux, and other traditional Cajun and Creole ingredients to create the best Cajun cuisine you will find North of the Mason-Dixon Line. If you happen to drop in during the right season, grab a dish with one of my personal favorites – soft shell crab. Soft shell crab is a breed of crab with an unusually soft shell. When battered and deep-fried, it creates a flavorful shellfish that is completely edible without removing any parts aside from the internal organs. Make sure you also try something with their homemade andouille sausage. Most andouille dishes at Heaven on Seven are smothered in either dijon mustard or a thin polenta. It wouldn’t be a true Cajun meal unless you also ordered some sort of oyster or crawfish side dish. Cajun food isn’t cheap, and every dish is so flavorful that you will want to try a large variety of entrees and appetizers, so be sure to bring plenty of cash.


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