Men Drinking Wine Should Be Socially Acceptable

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One thing our society dictates that really irks me is the fact that it is not socially acceptable for men to drink wine at a bar in most cases. Why such a taboo? In most countries, it is perfectly normal for a man to order up a merlot at the local tavern. It seems to me that men in America are so insecure about their masculinity that they are not only afraid to order wine, but ridicule those who do. I will admit, I never was a wine drinker until recently. I was a beer and whiskey man all the way for many years. While I do still enjoy my craft beers and fine whiskeys, my drink preference is wine.

For those of you who know me personally or have been following this food blog for the last year, you may have noticed an absence through most of January and February of this year. I had fallen victim to heart disease and was hospitalized, which I have since recovered from. I was instructed to drink a couple glasses of wine per day as part of my recovery plan, and to avoid beer and hard alcohol. Beer and hard alcohol consumption were a major contributor to my heart problems.

Since then, I have developed a love for wine and I don’t care what any insecure male thinks. While I still do have my craft beers occasionally¬†and have recovered from my heart condition, I still prefer wine to avoid any future relapses. Society was not and still is not accepting of my lifestyle change. Men don’t seem to understand why a male in his upper 20s is a wine drinker. Oh, that must mean he’s gay or a sissy, right? Wrong.. I had one instance where some foolish young drunk kid harassed me in a bar and attempted to attack me over his preconceived notions of young male wine drinkers. What a huge mistake he made, but I will spare you those details.

I felt out of place and insecure about myself drinking wine in a bar. It wasn’t until my really good female friend laid it out for me by saying, “Who cares? Drink what you want and forget about what a bunch of insecure guys think.” I continued to drink wine in restaurants and taverns after that, and other males actually started trying wine for themselves after seeing me do it. There is nothing wrong with a young guy drinking wine in public, and there are many benefits to doing so that outweigh the stereotypes. Yet, I do still get occasional negative comments.

The biggest benefit to drinking wine, of course, is the health benefits. Beer and hard alcohol provide very little to no health benefits whatsoever, and will damage your body in most cases. Both are also very fattening and full of calories. It’s a quick path to heart disease. Wine is much lower in fat and full of antioxidents.

Drinking wine also adds versatility to your palate. Most high-end social events and fine dining restaurants really only serve wine. While they do have other options, the options are minimal. Do you really want to be drinking a disgusting Heineken at a fine dining restaurant when everyone else is drinking a $90 bottle of cabernet and really enjoying it?

As a guy, my favorite benefit to drinking wine is having a bigger common ground with women. Women love it when they can share a bottle of wine with a guy. It makes them feel more comfortable, and is one more thing to have in common. Women don’t want to see some guy slurping down 8 beers, farting and belching in front of them all night. Sorry guys, but it isn’t always about you. Many women love attending wine tastings, frequenting wine bars, and visiting wineries. Being able to join them to those things and enjoying yourself will earn you bonus points.

Being a man who drinks wine also shows you are confident and secure with your masculinity. One of the biggest turnoffs for women are insecure or unconfident men. By drinking wine, it shows you are not afraid to be yourself and enjoy what you want instead of what society dictates.

I urge all my male readers to go out and discover wine. I believe there is at least one type of wine every man will enjoy. It will take a lot of getting used to, and society may not be accepting at first. The more you try it, the more comfortable you will feel with it and yourself. As men, I believe we should break the stereotype of male wine drinkers.

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