Oh How I Loathe You, Tip Jar

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It stares at you from the countertop every time you order food at a short-order restaurant. Yes, I am talking about the tip jar. Nothing makes a customer feel more uncomfortable than having a tip jar next to the cash register. What is the point of having these? The establishment clearly is not delivering your food, taking your plates, or serving you in any way. Why should I leave a tip for pressing buttons on a register? Seriously, how much do they even expect you to tip for doing nothing? Some places like food trucks are understandable because you have one person working in the truck who not only makes the food, but also serves it and rings you up. But what about the local hot dog stand who just hands you a wiener and says have a nice day?

Maybe I’m a little out of my element here, but these jars make me extremely uncomfortable. I am a notorious big tipper for waitstaff and delivery drivers, but I do not feel a need to leave money for the big fat cow at the register who is extremely rude and won’t even bring my food out to me. The worst part about it is they stare at the tip jar from the moment they finish ringing you up to the time you walk away from the counter. It’s not my fault your boss pays you minimum wage. That’s your problem for taking a minimum wage job. If you don’t do me any service or treat me like crap, I have no desire to leave a tip. Here’s a TIP for you, business owners (pun intended). Put the tip jar at the food pickup section of the counter so I not only feel more comfortable as a customer, but so I can also leave an educated tip based on my service without big Bertha eyeballing my every move.

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