Reel Club in Oak Brook

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First opening in 2007 at the Oak Brook Shopping Center, Reel Club is a michelin rated cross between a traditional and new age, trendy seafood restaurant. Owned by the Lettuce Entertain You corporation and operated by Chef Mychael Bonner, this restaurant brings some pretty unique seafood dishes to the table at the cost of a new mortgage and massive credit card bill.

ahi tuna burger

Ahi Tuna Burger

They serve everything from traditional pan-seared trout and green beans to some very unique shellfish dishes incorporating exotic fruits, vegetables and homemade sauces. They also take common meat dishes and turn them into seafood dishes with items like the ahi tuna burger.


Aside from general seafood dishes, they also have a fairly extensive sushi menu. Of course, they do also have a few meat items on the menu as well, but I would highly recommend going with the seafood dishes. Since the food is very pricey and the restaurant is usually booked for dinner service, I would suggest going in for lunch during the week and getting the business special. It’s usually about $16 and changes up daily. It includes a seafood item, soup and a desert. Although the restaurant is owned by the Lettuce Entertain You corporation, it is one of the few corporate-owned restaurants worth checking out in the Oak Brook area.

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