Reza’s Restaurant – Persian Lunch Buffet

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buffet rezas restaurant

Buffet food at Reza’s Restaurant

Persian food is a fairly uncommon cuisine to find in the United States, and not very many people know anything about it. Reza’s Restaurant in Chicago and Oak Brook hopes to break down those cultural barriers by offering a very affordable lunch buffet for people to sample the wonderful foods of central Asia. Persia is a kingdom that no longer exists, but the Persian people still take great pride in their lineage. Iran and parts of its surrounding countries make up the area which used to be the Persian Empire. With its somewhat close proximity to the Mediterranean, you will see many similarities in the two cuisines. Persians believe that meals should be treated like a feast and that people should eat like kings; so when you come to a Persian buffet, you will literally be eating like a king.

Hummus, falafel, baba ghannouj, and pita bread are the basic staples of Persian cuisine and can be found at any middle-eastern restaurant including Reza’s. One of the more uncommon dishes that is a must-try and is what Reza’s is best known for is the dill rice. Dill rice is exactly what it sounds like – dill and rice. Aside from that, they have a few other random steamed vegetable medleys and rice dishes consisting of lamb and a curry-like sauce. The main attraction to Persian food is the grilled meat kebabs. These aren’t the kebabs you may be thinking of with meat chunks and vegetables strung up on a skewer. Persian style kebabs are balls of ground lamb, chicken, or beef mixed with a variety of spices like turmeric, parsley, salt, and garlic. These meat blobs are mashed onto a metal stick and grilled over an open flame, then removed from the stick and served with tahini sauce or a red, salsa-like sauce. One thing I should mention is that middle eastern restaurants are not known for their good service. Reza’s is definitely worth trying, but be prepared to be ignored by the staff.

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