Zenwich – A New Asian Fusion Lunch Craze

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tofu sandwich with chips

Crispy Tofu Basil Sandwich with Homemade Potato Chips

Everybody loves sitting down to a nice hot or cold cut sandwich at their local deli for lunch, but don’t those Italian subs, meatball sandwiches, and roast beef dip sandwiches get boring after a while? Zenwich of 416 N York Road in Elmhurst took the classic concepts of a deli and put an Asian spin on it to create fresh Asian fusion sandwiches. Although Zenwich is the first of it’s kind and only has one location, it seems to have started a trend that may eventually sweep the nation, sparking massive openings of other locations. This tiny little restaurant located inside a strip mall is constantly packed, and is very hard to get a seat at one of its few tables during the lunch rush.

Using only fresh ingredients, Zenwich uses a mix of traditional Asian vegetables, condiments, meats, and tofu on their sandwiches rather than just cold cuts. The ingredients are mostly influenced by Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisines. They add an Italian-American spin to the sandwiches by serving the sandwiches on a ciabatta roll with homemade potato chips or various types of cole slaw. The vegetable toppings range anywhere from red onion and carrot to dykon and jalapenos. One of their biggest attractions is the use of crispy tofu instead of meat and a huge variety of sauces combining elements of nearly every world cuisine. If tofu isn’t your thing, they also have chicken cooked in various different ways, roast beef, bulgogi (Korean BBQ beef), fried pork, and even crab cake. If you want to try something different for lunch, think outside the turkey club sandwich and try a sandwich with Asian flare to it.

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